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I'm Holly Wood
and I write copy.


Yes, it's my 
real name


Hilarious, isn't it? But you have to admit it's memorable...


So why copywriting?

Basically, I love to write. But with over seven years marketing agency experience, I really love to write words with purpose - whether that involves encouraging clicks, inspiring comments, influencing social follows or increasing sales.
When I'm not squirrelling away on copy for clients, you can find me walking my labradoodle or working my way through all the ciders of the world in the name of research (that's the official story anyway)

It's real!

In extremely basic terms, I do anything that involves writing pretty words.

But for the benefit of Mr SEO and everybody out there who loves a list, I have split out all my services below.

If you need something that's not on my list, I either don't do it, forgot about it, or haven't realised I can do it yet. So why not drop me a note and we can work it out together.

I write stuff


Brand literature
Advertising copy
Case studies
Proofing and editing


Brand story
Tone of voice


Website copy
Blog posts
Email comms
Opinion pieces
Video scripts


Channel strategy 
Content creation 
Monitoring & reporting

I've been busy


As they say, the proof is in the pudding. And we all like pudding.

I'm not able to shout about everything I work on, but the below examples should give you an idea of how well I can string a sentence together. 

If you're not seeing anything you like, no sweat. Maybe we're not right for one another.
But if something does tickle your fancy, say hello and let's see where it takes us. 


Creating a leading voice in the logistics industry. 

I worked closely with Priority Freight as an extension of their marketing team for over two years, supporting them with their social, website and email content to position them as thought leaders in their industry. As a logistics company, the challenge was always to present extremely detailed stories in a way that was not, for want of a better word… boring. I like to think we succeeded!

> Brexit opinion piece

> Beating borders case study

Written whilst working at Zest the Agency


Delivering a healthier lifestyle.

Radiance is an organic juice cleanse programme that is delivered directly to your door. I worked with the team to craft monthly social, blog and e-newsletter content that painted a picture of the premium lifestyle that the cleanses offered its customers. This involved all sorts of content, from recipes, interviews, lifestyle pieces, reviews and product releases.

> Aspirations for 2019

> Coconut yoghurt reviews

Written whilst working at Zest the Agency

Say hello


Businesses are people too. 

I love pushing the boundaries with B2B content – did you know that it doesn’t need to be incredibly corporate? When I write my content, I like to remind myself that businesses are made up of people that want to read interesting content, just like you and me. Whilst working in my current agency, I have produced plenty of client comms, but the example below is my favourite,

> Yes, your bum looks big in that

Written whilst working at PW CREATIVE


Looking pretty in print.

Yes, the digital world is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it’s great to see your words in print. Below is a link for an advertorial piece within InsideKent that I wrote for Yes Chef!, a Kent-based food service that delivers all the ingredients and recipes needed to produce delicious meals at home. Looks yummy right?

> Yes Chef… yes please!


Words commissioned by Bee Herd

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